Course Introduction

Welcome to the online English course for travelling lovers!

General Introduction:

This travel English course will teach you useful words, sentences to enable you to confidently perform everyday tasks like making reservations, paying, etc. Culture elements  are also included in the course to help you be aware of western manners and important issues. The focus of the course will be on vocabulary and speaking, which are essential in traveling.

With the elaborately designed course, new technologies and skilled teachers, you will learn the course happily and effectively.

Once you have these skills: the world is open to you!

Target learners:

  • Those who are interested in travelling.
  • Those who plan to go travelling to English speaking countries now.
  • Those who want to share travelling note and stories to improve English.

Please note that you need to know some basic English grammar rules and know about 2000 English words.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to make a travelling plan by yourself.
  • To be able to perform daily tasks by English while travelling. [E.G. Booking hotels, dinning outside…]
  • To be able to make conversations with English speakers.
  • To be able to ask directions .
  • To be able to share travelling notes and stories with others.


Three steps to learn the course successfully:

Step one: By doing interesting activities, watching high quality language training videos, and finishing easy tasks, you will learn useful new vocabulary and grammar in context. By doing self-assessment and discussion with other learners as asked in the course, you could know your learning progress. And with instant feedback from the teacher, you can perfect your English skills quickly and effectively.

Step two: By simulation practices, you could experience your travel in advance. A summative test with one-on-one guidance from experienced teachers will inform you that whether your English proficiency high enough to travel to English speaking countries.

Step three: After travelling, you could post your travelling notes, by which you could practice your English writing, share your experiences. You could also read stories written by other learners to find your next destination.


Plus, our handy travel vocabulary list can be downloaded to mobile to help you practice and memorise useful words at any time.

If you are interested in the course, please go to instructions to see how you can start the course.




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